About Us

We are agency specialized in digital marketing. We do not waste time trying to do anything else.

By using all the advantages of digital technologies and people’s connection with them, we send your messages directly to the targeted groups through different communication channels.

We can present your brand, sell your product and build your business using solely Internet. Because today, online presence is crucial.

Allow us to introduce you to the new marketing era which is measurable, direct and brings visible results.

Get to Know Our Team

We are not just another creative team of experts who enjoy drinking coffee. Nevertheless, we do our job – fast and efficient, because we respect your time and love ours once the work is successfully done.

Sanja Rosić


Paid Media & Analytics

Ljiljana Šipragić


Content & Digital PR

Tamara Pećanac


Content & Digital PR


Content & Digital PR


Security & Development

Ljubiša Trivić


Content & Copy

Nemanja Krecelj


CEO & Founder

Clients and Projects

We had a pleasure of working with numerous great clients on many interesting projects. Here are some:

eloo media clients and partners