Do you ever question if your brand is present where needed? Do you manage to inspire your customers to action?

Different brands request different approach and sometimes it is very hard to determine which one is the best. Luckily, we are here to help by giving you directions and digital solutions that bring numerous benefits.

Content marketing

Digital marketing is very prone to changes, but one thing stays the same and it is the importance of content for successful campaign. That, however, does not mean every content is good content and we in Eloo Media can help you by creating one that is memorable, that brings results and forces users on profitable actions. To achieve such content, we follow three simple steps:

grape usluge content marketing

a) Strategy

Content without strategy is useless. Research and analysis of both market and targeted group represents one of many things we go through while creating a message which your brand communicates with users.

b) Creation

Writing is what we love to do and experience has molded us to distinguish poor and useless from valuable content. Our aim is to create one that proves to be both fast achieving and useful in long term.

c) Placement

Good content with bad placement is a waste. And successful placement is not achieved only by Facebook boost. Different targeting groups require different approach. That is why this step is very important.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way to position your website amongst first results on search engine and to drive targeted traffic to your website, one that converts and provides ideal reaction.

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Our main task is to make sure you get on top of given search results. How? By creating a relevant and compelling content which will cause continuous interest.

Price for our SEO services depends on how long does it take for us to achieve the goal, which is mostly determined by what do you want to achieve and how big your competition in the industry is. We do not sell packages; all negotiations are based on your specific needs.

Paid Advertising

Our task is to reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform, so when you are in the need for fast results, measurable and quite affordable, we recommend paid advertising. Our team is good at Google Adwords and Facebook Ads platforms, which were used for many of our successful campaigns, so we are ready to work in accordance to your specific terms and wishes.

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Display Advertising & Remarketing

Media buying was never easier, faster and cheaper! Your message can be sent through banners and videos placed on top ranked portals, whether local, regional or worldwide. We can easily target specific groups of people and aim into core of their wishes.

Also, we offer remarketing campaigns that lead all the past visitors and buyers back to your website and your product.

Search Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) offers you showing up first on Google search for certain keywords that are based on your needs and wishes.

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In Eloo Media, we offer in-depth, thorough keyword research and controlled budget use. We track conversions and deliver instant results. Consequently, you can be certain that every penny was smartly used and invested into business improvement.

Social Media Advertising

With carefully made and smartly targeted Social Media service we establish your presence on Social Media and send your messages through different social media platforms. We help your business connect to your customers and present its brand to the users where they seem to be the most active.

If you are not sure which service to choose, feel free to contact us so that we can help you in finding the best solutions and promotions for your success through digital channels.